Board Game YouTube Channels to Watch (Part 1 of 2)

Board games are significant investments. If we could buy all the board games on our wishlist, I’m sure we would. Unfortunately, there is only so much we can afford.

Only a few a games will land coveted spots on our board game shelves, and nothing spells buyers regret more than investing in a board game you end up playing rarely if at all.

Research is crucial. First hand experience playing a game is always best. But not all of us have the opportunity to play test them at our favorite neighborhood board game cafe. Fortunately, the internet is a treasure trove of information on board games.

YouTube, in particular, is an excellent information source where you can watch fellow gamers unbox, review, and play pretty much every board game that exists. Game designer interviews, top 10 lists, tournament videos, there’s a variety of content to watch.

To guide you on your journey toward buying the right board games, here are a list of recommended board game YouTube channels you can watch and subscribe to:


Wil Wheaton’s TableTop is, by far, the most popular channel on this list. Watch Wil and his celebrity friends play board games in this professionally produced and abundantly hilarious video series.


  • Production values are through the roof
  • Fun and entertaining to watch


  • Depending on celebrity guests, humor may be hit or miss
  • Follows a seasonal format, so reviews are few and far in between

Shut Up & Sit Down

Matt, Paul, and Quinns are the trio behind SU&SD, this author’s favorite! And yes, that’s a very biased assessment.

SU&SD convinced him to buy Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn, Memoir 44, Mage Knight, and Tales of the Arabian Nights, so watch at your own risk!


  • Comedic sketches embedded in video reviews are hilarious
  • Very good at promoting games they love


  • Very selective when reviewing games
  • At times, it’s unclear if they like a game or not
  • They don’t like Eldritch Horror 😦

The Dice Tower

Founded by Tom Vasel, The Dice Tower, is probably the biggest YouTube board game channel in existence today. More than a dozen people comprise The Dice Tower team.

Together they’ve released hundreds of videos from board game reviews to game playthroughs and top ten lists.


  • If you can think it, they probably have a video of it
  • Their videos are very raw and honest. No fancy scripting


  • If you have OCD, you may want to skip the component drop at the start of their video reviews
  • Production values are low. Mostly they are just speaking on-camera
  • Some videos can last for more than an hour


Coming soon: Board Game YouTube Channels to Watch (Part 2 of 2), where we give more recommendations to fuel your board game addiction.

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