Dice Kong Jungle Smash

Extra! Extra!

2017 is a new year for us board gamers, and we at Dice Kong Board Game Cafe are always finding new ways to make board games more interesting than they already are.

This year, we are happy to announce our inaugural JUNGLE SMASH!

What is Jungle Smash?

Jungle Smash is Dice Kong’s series of board game tournaments. Once a month, we will be hosting a tournament where players compete to be the Champion of a particular game.

How does it work?

Up to 16 people can register for each tournament.

Participants will compete in groups of four and acquire Prestige Points based on their ranking after each match.

The four players with the highest Prestige Points, after a predetermined number of matches, will move on to the championship round.

The winner of this final match will be crowned Champion.

Okay, so what do I get for joining?

Fame and Glory.

We will award you the championship crown, place your name and photograph in our Hall of Fame. As Champion, you will also win a P 1,000 Dice Kong Board Game Cafe gift certificate and soon to be announced prizes.

Prizes will only be awarded for first place. Perks of being king of the jungle! 🙂

Why are you doing this?

At Dice Kong, we encourage people to play more board games, so they can experience new levels of fun.

We want players to get out of their ‘board game comfort zones’ and try new games.

We also promote a healthy social gaming experience, where you can meet new people and play with them in friendly competition.

We want to build and grow the Cebu board gaming community!

I’m interested! I want to know more.

Below are additional details for Jungle Smash!

What will be the games for each month?

Hold your horses! Each game will be announced two weeks prior to the upcoming month. But hey, here is the game for January 2017!

Will there be an registration fee?

Jungle Smash has no registration fee, but the Dice Kong playing fee will still apply.

Matches, points and winning

Click Matches and scoring to know more about how matches held and scored.

What are the general game rules?

Visit General game rules.

Registration and reservation

Click Registration and reservation to know more about registration and reservation.








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