Jungle Smash: Pandemic


The world needs your help!

…or rather, the world needs the help of your team!

The fourth Jungle Smash by Dice Kong Board Game Cafe features Pandemic. This is the first of our Jungle Smash series where we play a cooperative game in a head-to-head, time attack format.

Now to more important matters!



  • Each team must be composed of exactly four (4) players. No more, no less.
  • No member change. (Special cases will be considered).
  • No coaching!


  • Pandemic Base Game
  • EPIDEMICS will be included
  • Roles will be random.
  • Seating arrangement will be chosen with role cards face-down. Players don’t get to choose their roles.
  • Starting hand for player cards will be fixed per head-to-head match
  • Setup for each head-to-head match will be exactly the same for both teams
  • Shuffling will be done by the organizers


  • 8-team double-elimination bracket format. Each team will be paired with another team and compete with each other. Winning team proceeds to the next round while losing team will either head to the lower bracket for a second chance or be eliminated if the team already lost twice.
  • Head-to-head: Each team will go head to head with another team. This means that there will be two (2) teams competing at a time.
  • These two teams will have the same setup. The same random roles will be given as with the starting hand.
  • No time limit!


  • Dice Kong Board Game cafe will always have the right to change the mechanics if needed. Dice Kong will always ensure fair play and will certainly follow the rules of the game.

Win condition

  • First to win. The team cured all four (4) diseases.
  • Checkpoints: Every time a team finds a cure for a disease, they must report to the organizer and the time when the cure was made will be recorded. This will be used for tiebreakers.

Tie breakers / When both teams lose

  • If both teams lose the game, a win will be given to the team who achieved the following first in the order order of priority
    • Most diseases cured
    • If tied with most diseases cured, checkpoint on the team who discovered the cure first (Up to the last second)


Registration will be on the day (International TableTop Day 2017) April 29, 2017.

First FOUR teams only.


April 29, 2017 (International Tabletop Day)



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Third and Fourth

500 Dice Kong Gift Certificate

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