Jungle Smash: Double Feature

Hello Junglers!

This month’s Jungle Smash will feature two games!

Smash Up and Tokaido!

Smash Up


This Jungle Smash will be our first game to feature an exclusive 2-player game. Players will go head to head and survirors will meet in the final match for a best-of-three match!

Player slots: 8


  • 2-player double-elimination bracket
  • Faction drafting.
    • Coin toss winner is P1
    • P1 picks one faction and bans two factions
    • P2 picks two factions and bans one faction
    • P1 picks one faction
  • Every match is a best-of-one except the final round which is best-of-three
  • Smash Up core rules
  • Factions available are subject to copy availability



Our sixth game will feature Tokaido! 4 players will journey through Kyoto and be the best traveler.

Player slots: 8


  • 4-player Top 2 cut advance (Same as Takenoko)
  • Tokaido Base Game Rules


Click HERE!


June 20, 26, 27 8 PM-11 PM


Kong Points (KP)

Starting this Jungle Smash, we are introducing Kong Points or KP.

Basically, whenever you join or win a event in Dice Kong, you are given Kong Points. Kong Points can be redeemed for multiple things such as menu items, free play fee and brand new board games by Ballista Games! This means that the more you participate in our activities, the more you gain points. You don’t have to win to get points. You can just participate in an event where Kong Points are given and gain points. But if you win, you will be given more!

Learn more about Kong Points

Smash Up Champion

  • Choose between Coup or Zombie Dice
  • 1,000 KP (Kong Points)

Tokaido Champion

  • Choose between Coup or Zombie Dice
  • 1,000 KP (Kong Points)



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