Jungle Smash: Spot It!

Our 9th Jungle Smash for the month of September is Spot It!

With a possible maximum pool of 32 players, one has to rise to the top and be declared the Spot It! champion.

Mechanics and Rules

Assuming we have the full 32 players…

Game mode – The Well

  • Each player will have a pile. The first one to empty their pile will be first and so on and so forth

Phase 1 – Round Robin

  • 32 players will be separated into 2 groups (Groups A & B)
  • Each group will have 16 players
  • Each group will have 4 sub-groups
  • Each sub-group will have 4 players each
  • A player will have to play 4 matches. Each match, a player will have different unique opponents. This means that during this round-robin phase, you will not face an opponent twice
  • Since Spot It! is an elimination game, the first one to be eliminated in a match is considered to be 4th place and the last one to be out will be declared as 1st on that match
  • Each win in a match will have a score.
    • 1st place – 3 points
    • 2nd place – 2 points
    • 3rd place – 1 point
    • 4th place – 0 points
  • After a total of 4 matches, we will tally all of the players scores from each group.
  • The top 4 high scorers per group will proceed to phase 2, the playoffs.
  • In case of ties, players will be required to play an extra sudden death match.

Phase 2 – Playoffs

  • 8 players (4 from group A and 4 from group B)

…in the event where we have less than 32 players, we will adjust the matchups accordingly. Some matchups may have an odd number of participants.


  • Wednesday, September 27, 2019 8 PM-12 MN


  • We shall accept a maximum of 32 players!
  • Registration is free. Dice Kong play fee will still apply
  • Register at http://bit.ly/junglesmash9!


  • Champion: 1 copy of Dobble (International version of Spot It!)

Jungle Smash: Game of Thrones, the Trivia Game

Our Jungle Smash for August is a trivia game and it will feature questions from the Game of Thrones: The Trivia Game (HBO)


Mechanics and Rules

  • This will be a team game. Form a team of two or more and register for this Smash.
  • All questions will come from the Game of Thrones: The Trivia Game.
  • NOTE: Game of Thrones, the Trivia Game is based on the HBO TV series. All questions are things that happened in the series but possibly not in the books. Correct answers are always the ones on the game box even though it may differ from the books.
  • Questions will be handpicked by Dice Kong Board Game Cafe.
  • 3 sets with 30 questions each set to a total of 90 points!
  • No googling allowed. Any team caught will be disqualified.
  • The game board and cards will not be used. This will be purely a question and answer game.

Schedule and Location

Thursday, August 17, 2017 @ Dice Kong Board Game Cafe 

8 PM – 12 MN


  • No registration fee
  • Regular Dice Kong Board Game play fee will still be paid
  • Register your team HERE


  • The winning team will get a sealed copy of Games of Thrones: The Trivia Game and gift certificates.

Jungle Smash: Codenames

Jungle Smash for July is CODENAMES!




  • A pair (a team of two persons) will go head-to-head with another pair in a double-elimination round
  • Words will be randomly drawn during setup, per round.
  • A team can choose its Spymasters per round 
  • Codenames rules will be STRICTLY observed. Organizers will always have the final say and can disqualify participants if given a reason
  • A minimum of 8 pairs will be accepted. If we have more registrants, we will make a shortlist and may adjust the tournament.


  • July 25, 2017 (Tuesday)
  • It will be a one night event starting 8 PM


  • Register HERE
  • Deadline of registration is on the day on the event, July 25, 2017 or when we reach the minimum.


  • Dice Kong gift certificates (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
  • Codenames: Deep Undercover (1st place)



Jungle Smash: Double Feature

Hello Junglers!

This month’s Jungle Smash will feature two games!

Smash Up and Tokaido!

Smash Up


This Jungle Smash will be our first game to feature an exclusive 2-player game. Players will go head to head and survirors will meet in the final match for a best-of-three match!

Player slots: 8


  • 2-player double-elimination bracket
  • Faction drafting.
    • Coin toss winner is P1
    • P1 picks one faction and bans two factions
    • P2 picks two factions and bans one faction
    • P1 picks one faction
  • Every match is a best-of-one except the final round which is best-of-three
  • Smash Up core rules
  • Factions available are subject to copy availability



Our sixth game will feature Tokaido! 4 players will journey through Kyoto and be the best traveler.

Player slots: 8


  • 4-player Top 2 cut advance (Same as Takenoko)
  • Tokaido Base Game Rules


Click HERE!


June 20, 26, 27 8 PM-11 PM


Kong Points (KP)

Starting this Jungle Smash, we are introducing Kong Points or KP.

Basically, whenever you join or win a event in Dice Kong, you are given Kong Points. Kong Points can be redeemed for multiple things such as menu items, free play fee and brand new board games by Ballista Games! This means that the more you participate in our activities, the more you gain points. You don’t have to win to get points. You can just participate in an event where Kong Points are given and gain points. But if you win, you will be given more!

Learn more about Kong Points

Smash Up Champion

  • Choose between Coup or Zombie Dice
  • 1,000 KP (Kong Points)

Tokaido Champion

  • Choose between Coup or Zombie Dice
  • 1,000 KP (Kong Points)



Jungle Smash Five: Takenoko


Dice Kong presents…The 5th Jungle Smash Tournament, Takenoko!


2-week single elimination format. Top 2 for each group will proceed to the next round.

There are two weeks for this. This means that if you lose the first week, you can try your luck and register again for the second week!

living off the land


Week 1

May 22, 2017, Monday 8 PM

Week 2

May 29, 2017, Monday 8 PM


May 30, 2017, Tuesday 8 PM


Week 1 Registration.


If you registered for week 1 and you were not eliminated, you cannot register for week 2.


Basic Takenoko base game rules.


If you bring your Takenoko base game, get a Takenoko: Chibis expansions for 1,000 only.


1,000 Dice Kong Gift Certificate

Polyhedral Dice Set


Jungle Smash: Pandemic


The world needs your help!

…or rather, the world needs the help of your team!

The fourth Jungle Smash by Dice Kong Board Game Cafe features Pandemic. This is the first of our Jungle Smash series where we play a cooperative game in a head-to-head, time attack format.

Now to more important matters!



  • Each team must be composed of exactly four (4) players. No more, no less.
  • No member change. (Special cases will be considered).
  • No coaching!


  • Pandemic Base Game
  • EPIDEMICS will be included
  • Roles will be random.
  • Seating arrangement will be chosen with role cards face-down. Players don’t get to choose their roles.
  • Starting hand for player cards will be fixed per head-to-head match
  • Setup for each head-to-head match will be exactly the same for both teams
  • Shuffling will be done by the organizers


  • 8-team double-elimination bracket format. Each team will be paired with another team and compete with each other. Winning team proceeds to the next round while losing team will either head to the lower bracket for a second chance or be eliminated if the team already lost twice.
  • Head-to-head: Each team will go head to head with another team. This means that there will be two (2) teams competing at a time.
  • These two teams will have the same setup. The same random roles will be given as with the starting hand.
  • No time limit!


  • Dice Kong Board Game cafe will always have the right to change the mechanics if needed. Dice Kong will always ensure fair play and will certainly follow the rules of the game.

Win condition

  • First to win. The team cured all four (4) diseases.
  • Checkpoints: Every time a team finds a cure for a disease, they must report to the organizer and the time when the cure was made will be recorded. This will be used for tiebreakers.

Tie breakers / When both teams lose

  • If both teams lose the game, a win will be given to the team who achieved the following first in the order order of priority
    • Most diseases cured
    • If tied with most diseases cured, checkpoint on the team who discovered the cure first (Up to the last second)


Registration will be on the day (International TableTop Day 2017) April 29, 2017.

First FOUR teams only.


April 29, 2017 (International Tabletop Day)



SEAFALL board game


One Night Revolution Party Game

Third and Fourth

500 Dice Kong Gift Certificate

Jungle Smash Tres: Lords of Waterdeep


Waterdeep, the City of Splendors is the third installment of Dice Kong’s Jungle Smash!

Let us cut to the chase and head on with the details!


Just like before, this is a first register, first served tournament. Register HERE!


We will still have the 16-player double-elimination bracket just like Splendor. This means that you have to lose twice before you are out!


Round 1 – March 14, 2017

Round 2 – March 15, 2017

Playoffs and Finals – March 22, 2017

Don’t know how to play?

Watch This!