Jungle Smash: General game rules

Every board game has rules. These rules apply to all games played in Jungle Smash.

General rules

  • Be friendly but competitive
  • Have fun always. Treat it as a normal day playing at Dice Kong but with a hidden purpose.
  • No cheating. Anyone caught cheating will be disqualified (C’mon!)
  • Judges will have the final say
  • Judges will also be monitoring each game played
  • Rules from each game will be respected

Schedules and forfeit

  1. Time is valuable so we have to set schedules for each game. If you cannot make it, do let us know. You can send in a proxy or replacement to play for you.
  2. If no one else can make it, you will have to forfeit the game and it will count as last place according to our Matches and scoring.