Jungle Smash: Matches and scoring

Here’s a visualization to help you understand matches and scoring


When tallying for the top spots, there will be ties especially for the 3rd or 4th spot. Ties will be broken through Strength of Schedule, Extended Strength of Schedule and possibly a sudden death match for the tied players.

Strength of schedule (SoS)

Strength of schedule refers to the difficulty or ease of a person’s opponent as compared to other persons.


SoS = SUM (OP / NR) / NO

OP = Opponent

NR = Number of rounds opponents has played

NO = Number of opponents you have played  against

Extended Strength of schedule (xSoS)


xSoS = SUM (OP SoS) / NO)

OP SoS = Opponent’s SoS

NO = Number of opponents you have played against

Sudden death

If xSoS are still tied, tied players will have a sudden death match.



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