Kong Points

What are Kong Points?

They are points given to players and participants who join point-sponsored events in Dice Kong Board Game cafe. Think of it as a mini-reward system!

Where can we get KP?

For now, there is only a single source of KP and that is our monthly Jungle Smash events. Winners will get more KP than participants. There will always be participation points given to players.

We will add more events that will reward KP in the future.

How do we track KP?

For now we list KP on this site. We keep track by listing in during events and uploading it here. Check out Kong Points Leaderboard and Rewards.

What can we get with KP?

You can redeem it for things like menu items, free play fee and brand new board games. You can only redeem things listed in Kong Points Leaderboard and Rewards. We will add things from time to time.

Is KP consumable?

Yes. Whenever you ‘spend’ your KP, we will be deducting it to your existing KP.

I reach the certain amount of KP, how do I redeem?

Just keep in touch with us and let us know what you want!

I won or participated Jungle Smashes in the past. Are KP retroactive?

Yes. But we will only give points to the past champions of our events.